Your website should be faster

By Nate Nordstrom January 6, 2018

Having a fast website is crucial to a good user experience. According to Kissmetrics, 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in under two seconds. You’ve probably experienced the frustration of a slow website too.

If your site doesn’t meet user expectations, it can seriously hurt your brand reputation and lead to reduced website engagement. Not good at all.

A slow website makes Google sad too. Page loading speed is a search engine ranking factor. If you want to rank high, then you need to take page loading speed seriously.

Website Speed Tips

Creating a faster site might seem complicated. Fortunately, there are some great modern services and techniques available, some of which are pretty easy.

Here are 3 recommendations:

  1. Hook your website up to a CDN (content delivery network) such as Cloudflare, which caches your site data at location across the world. This is a quick way to improve your site’s performance. Learn more about Cloudflare (and the free plan) here:
  2. Remove any unnecessary plugins, animations, or large images to reduce the load time on your site. These are common WordPress issues.
  3. Advanced technique: employ lazy loading to make your site feel quick and responsive even if all the content hasn’t actually loaded yet.

These are little ways that you can increase the speed of your site, or at least make it feel fast. This will delight your customers and prospects, while giving them a good impression of your company. Additionally, the boost in your Google ranking will help you to increase overall traffic.

Need a hand?

The start of any fast site is a clean build. Whether you want help speeding up your current site, or need to create a new site from scratch, we’re happy to help. Contact us to receive expert help in building a site that’s functional, impactful, and fast.


Nate Nordstrom

As founder & CEO, Nate has a passion for family, team building, quality, learning, and innovation. He enjoys helping inspire our next generation of leaders, and is the youngest ever Board Member at the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce.