7 guiding principles

By Nate Nordstrom April 3, 2019

Sometimes the most important things in life are not talked about often enough.

Today we would like to share the foundational principles behind how our team thinks, acts, and serves.

Our services may adapt over the years, but our mission and guiding principles will remain.

Our mission is to change the world for good through exceptional business strategy consulting, user experience design, custom website & app development, and ongoing support.

We achieve our mission by:

  • Treating our clients like partners
  • Supporting our team through a life-oriented culture
  • Giving back to our local and global community through strategic initiatives

And finally, our seven guiding principles:

  1. Dream big
  2. Listen first
  3. Innovate through simplicity
  4. Think like an owner
  5. Find the good and foster it
  6. Push for excellence
  7. People matter most

Question of the day: what principles guide you?


Nate Nordstrom

As founder & CEO, Nate has a passion for family, team building, quality, learning, and innovation. He enjoys helping inspire our next generation of leaders, and is the youngest ever Board Member at the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce.