Optimize for humans, not just search engines

By Laurie Riekmann June 5, 2018

Innovative new methods for personalizing your website

When using e-mail marketing tools such as MailChimp, or running campaigns against specific customer segments, you can quickly improve the effectiveness of your campaigns by also personalizing your website.  Personalization can mean any number of relevant changes, such as a different headline, text, or call-to-action button based on a customer’s interests.

RightMessage is an innovative new tool that allows you to change just about any piece of your website in real time. It takes into account a variety of triggers, then dynamically tailors your content depending on who is visiting or where they came from.

Some trigger examples that personalization can be based on includes:

  • Traffic source
  • Referral link
  • Google or Facebook ads data
  • Specific email campaign
  • CRM integration
  • Previous user actions (such as pages visited)
  • And more, such as location (coming soon)

Best of all, it works with your existing website and is simple to integrate. Personalizations are easily set up through a point-and-click visual dashboard.

For example, at BrandHoot, we are using RightMessage to target our custom web development services to Public Relations firms. Using RightMessage, we setup our campaign for this specific audience by tailoring our home page.  We used the following approach:

  1. We segmented the clients that we were trying to reach — based on demographics, what they’ve bought or other behavioral data.  In this example, we focused on Public Relation firms.
  2. Using RightMessage, we altered the headline of our Home page as well as the content to appeal to that segment with the goal that this audience would see a different message specific to them.
  3. Lastly, we personalized our e-mails campaigns as well to direct this segment to the page.

Here is the text most people see on our home page:

our blended approach general text

Public Relations firms coming to our Home page will see this instead:

By using Right Message, you can customize your message to the audiences that your targeting — and ultimately increase the overall efficiency of your campaigns.

Want to learn more or start personalizing your website? Contact us to get a no-obligation demo.


Laurie Riekmann

Laurie is the Project Manager at BrandHoot where she helps our team plan and launch new websites and apps. While project management is her job focus by day, Laurie enjoys camping and Minnesota summers.